July 28, 2005

Back in the harness

What an ordeal. After this home built computer started misbehaving, the old feeder, who has an attention he can focus like an electron microscope, became unwholesomely fixated on the problem.

Call it obsessive-compulsive syndrome, or even the disorder OCD, if you like. For weeks nothing but getting the box to work mattered, everything else was neglected. Blog? Hell, I hardly bathed.

It turned out that the RAM speed settings needed to be changed following a “Critical Update”. Who would have guessed? Anyhow, it’s all fixed.

My extraordinary focus gave rise to a great backlog of chores. My clothes needed laundering, my dishes went all moldy, and the leaky roof stayed unpatched. Every weed at the Feedlot grew even as the grass turned brown and the garden wilted. Spiders took over my workshop.

Almost caught up, I feel like I need a vacation. Guess I’ll get back into blogging again. But slowly. The second it smacks of work, I’m going to the Lakes!

The clumsily photoshopped picture is entirely gratuitous.

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