July 27, 2005

Greco- Grizzly Rules

I suppose the first rule is don't climb into a cage with a grizzly bear like a drunken Ukrainian did and challenge it to a wrestling match. He may have been a pretty tough guy but...not nearly tuff enuff and for sure not too smart, even for a Ukrainian drunk. I find it a convenient metaphor to explain the thousands of beautiful women of that country who are actively trying to become wives of American men and other foreigners.

Presumably American guys who have good jobs or their own businesses, the sorts of endeavors that have never flourished under socialism or communism. A complaint often voiced by women in the Ukraine is that the local guys are too involved in getting drunk, one of the few areas that countries of the old USSR could probably put the US to shame.

But who am I to preach? Forty years ago I would gladly have joined the drunken entourage that followed that fool to the zoo. In America when you shake off that hangover there's usually a decent job waiting for you. I hope we can keep it going.

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