August 24, 2005

Thanks again, Senator Hagel

Mark Finkelstein at watches the graphics the MSM (here Matthews and Lauer) use to help us understand the news.
"You know the MSM figure a story has legs when they create a logo for it, and sure enough Today opened its segment with a natty little logo of an American solider, an Iraqi flag, and the emblazoned question: "Iraq – the new Vietnam?
"There’s nothing Dems like better than a renegade Republican, and Chuck Hagel has been filling that role nicely."
“He’s not just a Republican. The Senator from Nebraska is from a red state, very much the heartland of America, an extremely Republican state.” Enough already, Chris. We get it: Nebraska ain’t New York.

Continued Matthews: “We’re not talking about Yoko Ono here or Jane Fonda. We’re talking about a guy from the Midwest, a Republican, who served his country and now thinks he sees echoes of a war he himself fought in himself.”

Thanks for cheering up the Dems, Chuck. Maybe Chris Matthews will kiss you on the lips next time you appear on his crappy show. And now morning TV watching America thinks real Nebraskans , the reddest of the red, agree with Senator Hagel.

It isn't all about you, Chuck. Look in the Feed Trough for some Ruffini straw. Face the facts: Nebraskans in droves don't want you to be President.
Plus which! Michelle Malkin has this to say about Hagel 's Presidential aspirations: "Can't muster up anything more than one-syllable reactions to the prospect of President Hagel: Ick. Ugh. Gag."

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