October 19, 2005

Hagel sells Bush on Viet-Nam style pullout

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel has finally convinced President Bush that we can't win the war in Iraq, and we need to pull out now. At least that is what they are saying in Bulgaria these days.
Republican party 2008 election candidate Chuck Hagel, senator from the state of Nebraska, has also expressed criticism to the present White House policy. A famous politician, a Vietnam war veteran, blamed Bush for not sending enough soldiers in Iraq for the execution of the goals set and insists the withdrawal of the army begins next year. There is much time till presidential elections in 2008 but the so-called interim elections, which will take place in 2006 are also important. If the pullout from Iraq does not begin by then, the issue may become a central topic of the election campaign and become the banana skin on which the republican majority in Congress will slip. This is what made George Bush listen to senator Hagel’s free advice. Under the cover of fanfare statements about the existence of “some” strategy for victory, Bush ordered the Pentagon to plan a step-by-step reduction of the army. Besides, the vociferous speeches sound as a cover, a way to disallow discredit for the initial decision for the military move between the banks of Tigris and Euphrates.
Seems Senator Hagel has shown Bush the light at the end of the tunnel, and advised the receptive President on how to orchestrate a Viet-Nam style pullout. It will be peace with honor. America will be able to move on. Senator Hagel, what a genius you are. I take back all the silly things I wrote about your fixation with your role in America's most humiliating moment in history.

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