October 17, 2005

Senator Hagel's Iraq play book

Hagel Buttons
Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel's Iraq play book. All he does is change Viet-Nam to Iraq. I wonder if he was a regular listener of Hanoi Hannah's radio broadcasts while he was in country. The pundits say Hagel is trying to 'distance himself' from the pack of 2008 Republican presidential hopefuls. He seems to be doing it by siding with the opposition. I should say 'siding with the losers'. That is what he will be in '08: a loser.

Chuck is the one that has lost touch with reality , especially as reality is perceived from Nebraska. Perhaps he will get sucked into a "big black hole" created by his idiotic niggling and caviling about Bush's proven winning agenda. Read RedState's review of Chuck's appearance on the Sunday morning talk shows.
ABC Online, Australia, actually published a story referring to Senator Hagel as a Democrat: "Democrat Senator Chuck Hagel says a withdrawal strategy must now be fast-tracked." They quickly fixed the error, but not before it showed up on my Omea Reader. They shouldn't have bothered.
Update: The 'moonbats' of the Democrat party's balmy base still haven't forgiven Senator Hagel for helping George W. Bush and his Republican co-conspirators steal elections . For example this old Hagel story "Twenty Amazing Facts" still pops up in the loony left blogs, e.g. Nightweed.com's Angry Girl.

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