November 20, 2005

CBS' 60 Minutes to sink New Orleans

Drudge had a "Flash" this morning about a Time magazine story saying the recovery efforts in New Orleans are more screwed up than previously thought. Big surprise. Here is a link, but Drudge moves 'em around, so...

But the big story this morning is from the Bayou Buzz: Will CBS 60 Minutes Sink New Orleans? (And also a Drudge "Flash") Seems 60 Minutes will air a segment tonight in which 'experts' will claim New Orleans is really doomed by rising waters.

Naturally, the folks in Louisiana hope this grim scenario isn't true. The Bayou Buzz story quotes numerous letters that important folks with a stake in seeing New Orleans recover from hurricane Katrina and the fiasco that followed have sent to CBS asking for a fact-check on the gloomy story.
Louisiana, which has been attempting to recover from the horrific impact of two horrific hurricanes within a span of a month is now asking Sixty Minutes to delay a segment that is set to be broadcast Sunday which Louisiana Recovery Authority Executive Director, Andy Kopplin has called "inaccurate and unbalanced"

The segment is focused upon the opinion of a professor who is claiming that New Orleans, within this century, will be detached from the continent and protected by very high levees.
Whether CBS will delay airing tonight's scheduled 'death sentence for New Orleans story is doubtful. Not only is the cat already out of the bag, but CBS in general and 60 Minutes in particular, have not been known to let facts stand in the way of a 'make a difference' story. Remember Dan Rather? I wonder if this Professor Tim Kusky CBS quotes sent his study to CBS by fax from a Kinko's?

Update: Holy Coast had this story on friday. Silly me. HC's Rick Moore reminds us how "House Speaker Dennis Hastert suggested that rebuilding New Orleans was a mistake" right after the Katrina floods. How can 60 Minutes agree with anything Hastert said?

Update: Bayou Buzz's Steve Sabludowsky, a New Orleans native, questions Prof. Kusky's credentials, and asks 60 Minutes to apologize.

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