November 03, 2005

What? No Alito filibuster?

Nebraskans feel certain that our wannabe maverick Senator Hagel will support judge Alito's confirmation. Ben Nelson, the Democrat that Nebraskans love as only a mother can love an ugly baby, will vote reasonably. Ben is nothing if he isn't reasonable. Liberals hate him like poison for this. Echidne of the Snakes has this bit of liberal Ben-bashing: No Filibuster for Scalito?
Ben Nelson thinks Alito is just a dandy guy. Nelson is one of those so-called moderate Democrats (wingnuts-on-a-diet). He is part of the 'Gang of Fourteen', the people in the middle who decide if a filibuster would work or not. Of course, Nelson will never need to worry about whether he will need an abortion or whether he will be regarded as property of his wife.
Echidne goes on to confide that she does, "think that the Democratic base has been ignored for far too long, and if we don't get some attention soon we might just not turn up to vote in 2006." We can only hope.

Even though Senator Hagel will vote for Alito's ascension to the Supreme Court, he is still bashing the President and trashing our troops' successes in the war; assuming increasingly moderate positions. (He wants to be President, heh heh.)

I just heard Hagel quoted on the radio news a few minutes ago. He was comparing Bush's MSM propaganda poll numbers to those of Richard Nixon during Watergate. Of course, repeats his assertion that we are losing the Viet-Nam Iraq war. KFAB also played a clip of him telling the President, in so many blunt words, to fire Karl Rove. How incredibly bizarre!

I am getting very weary of Hagel's kicking the President every time he thinks he sees an opening. No sense getting all hot under the collar about it. We've known too long that Senator Hagel was a fly in our "Majority in the Senate" ointment.
Late Update: having taken the day off yesterday and loafed shamelessly today, I discover that fireball political Plains Blogger Ryne McClaren has the skinny on our Nebraska Senators' ever moderate positions on Alito, filibusters, defections and the Gang of 14.

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