December 03, 2005

Details Emerge on a Brazen Escape in Afghanistan sez New York Times

An update to the still-to-develop story, blogged earlier here and here, of the Al-Qaeda escapees, including Jihad big shot turned CIA informant and operative Omar Al-Faruq (aka Umar al-Farouk, al-Farouq, al-Farook, al-Faruk, Aw-Fook and sometimes Mahmoud bin Ahmad Assegaf),.

The New York Times, a rag for which I have no respect, has the inside story here: Details Emerge on a Brazen Escape in Afghanistan. It seems the prisoners "took advantage of 'a perfect storm' of mistakes by the military guards" according to one unnamed American intelligence official the NYT quotes. There really hasn't been any change in the cover story. The Times story concludes with this hot emerging detail: "How the men got out of their cell remains a mystery".

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