December 03, 2005

Plains beatnik writing

Are you in the mood for some beatnik writing? I know it really isn't stylish to admit it, but PT went through a beatnik phase. Bill Burroughs, a real Plains Beatnik, always fascinated me. I went so far as to visit his old haunts in Tangier. Now, I keep my copy of Naked Lunch where visiting kids and preachers can't find it, along with a few other remnants of beatnik interests.

One of the blogs I have read since the day it began is Sir Prize. This is the work of a cat that I know personally. I won't begin to try to describe Mickey. It would be easy to say he's just another madman. Most of my friends are certifiable. But if you have a notion to read some drop dead beatnik stuff, thats what is happening over at Sir Prize of late.

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