December 03, 2005

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel: Iraq Could Be Another Vietnam

It is clear that Nebraska's Senator Chuck Hagel has gone completely around the bend. Visiting the troops in Iraq, he gets out the message: Iraq Could Be Another Vietnam! (e.g. KETV Channel 7 News. Chuck has been repeating this for so long, the article had a deja-vu effect on the old feeder; I had to re-check the date.

This walking wounded Viet-Nam vet's defeatist mantra would be pitiable if Hagel wasn't a Senator thinking of running for the Presidency. This kind of press embarrasses Nebraskans, gives aid and comfort to the cats that danced in the street when the WTC towers fell on 9/11, and encourages the lunatic left that has co-opted the Democrat party.

Chuck is on a junket to Iraq, visiting the brave American troops. Is this the best he can do for a 'dispatch from the front' press release? Iraq Could Be Another Vietnam. No words of hope or encouragement. No praise for the troops. No mention of victory.

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