March 21, 2006

Debra Lafave Walks

Debra Lafave - Click for Big
From Central Florida's Sex crazed school teacher Debra Lafave gets a walk for having sexual relations with one of her middle-school students. "She's just too damned good looking to send to jail; it would shock my conscience," said the Marion County judge.
Update: The mother of Ms. LaFave's student victim is unhappy with the outcome. she is quoted by central Florida's WESH TV, saying "she knows of at least four other teachers in Marion County who pleaded guilty to the same thing. They didn't get prison time and they didn't get as much probation as Lafave." These sex crazed teachers must be like mice: see one, count ten.
Updated: Get the story behind the interview: "Matt Lauer wanted it and I gave it to him".

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