March 22, 2006

"Farmer's Snow" Causes Calving Problems In Nebraska

The big snow we just had here at the Feedlot was considerably worse to the west of us. Up to 25" in some places. While this represents much needed soil moisture for farming, it is making trouble for cattle feeders because it comes during the spring calving season. As Nebraska Department of Agriculture Assistant Director Jamie Karl said, "a cold and wet cow doesn't pay as much attention to her new-born calf as she might if she were comfortable". Keeping your steaks happy and affordable is hard work. Read more about the difficulties caused by the recent snow in this article from Cattle Network .
Jeff Soyer, who writes one of the best gun blogs on the 'net, Alphecca, and who happens to be gay, says he has to post a something 'gay' now and then just to keep up his cred among the secret gay agenda crowd. Similarly, I feel like I need to post a real 'cattle feeder' story every so often, so the Plains Feeder's farm and ranch readers won't think I'm a city slicker.

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