May 07, 2006

Ho Humm

Hummer H1 Alpha diesel, now there's a ride not meant for the faint of heart or wallet. Think you've got what it takes to ride those wheels, knowing that you're scaring or pissing off everyone who's looking for a scapegoat for the dicey future that awaits us at the gas pumps?

I hate to admit it but I don't drive my jive, so to speak. I've got a Jap 4 cyl, but I'm not bragging about it because it's basically a pissant on wheels, altho a nice reliable little pissant. And I'm not driving it because I'm worried about the pumps running dry, which could always happen. I'm just driving it, that's all.

Gasoline, gasoline, most precious stuff I've ever seen. Who's going to get it and how willing are they to do whatever it takes to have it? I couldn't tell you but I'm wondering if the day will come when we'll see a new symbol on our highways that will make the old ones seem rather benign. Anybody afraid of a pink pickup truck? How about a cool looking dune buggy?

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