May 09, 2006

Nebraska Elections: the Republican Primary Race

Dave Heineman milking a cow
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The polls are open today here in Nebraska. Having no real interest in the outcome, I don't wish to influence the vote today. Heaven forbid that a non-believer should engage in democracy. Nevertheless, the voter choice of greatest statewide interest is the Republican primary. Folks have been dishonestly changing their party affiliation to be able to vote Republican. The old feeder has already said his piece on the candidates in this post. I haven't changed my mind.

I still think Dave Heineman is doing a good job. He had the cojones to take a clear stand on the Omaha Public School takeover attempt that was fostered by the wicked Fahey-Mackiel land grab gang. None of the other candidates had anything to say about this pressing issue but double-talk and platitudes. None of the other candidates have any specific plans for anything. Governor Heineman is involved.

Tom Osborne is too progressive for my taste. I remember when he sold out American gasoline consumers by voting with the RINOs to prevent drilling for oil in the ANWR. At the time, his name appeared on the rolls of the George Soros backed "Main Street Republicans". In my estimation (and Michelle Malkin's), these cats are up to no good , so I called Congressman Osborne's office in Washington. Osborne's aide had no idea what I was talking about until I told him the URL for the MSR congressional members page and he saw Coach Osborne's name there for himself. In fairness, I should mention that Osborne seems to have gotten his name off the MSR web site in time for the election. I wonder how it got there.

The 'other Republican' in today's race, Dave Nabity has gone nowhere, and stands zero chance of winning. The Democrat party has only one gubernatorial candidate, Dave Hahn. Dave is cool and shows he has guts to buck the odds. But Dave Hahn suffers from liberalism, a political impediment in Nebraska.
Folks want to honor good old Coach Osborne. I have nothing against him; I think he has served his constituents admirably in Congress. In spite of the MSR thing and his wrongheaded vote on ANWR. He is a genuine Nebraska living treasure to NU football fans, and that includes most all Nebraskans. Let me suggest an homage more fitting to the man than the taxing, thankless job of Governor:
Coach Laureate

We already have a Nebraska State Poet Laureate, William Kloefkorn. We could give Tom a nice office , from which he could promote his wholesome values and display his clean-cut role model. I like it. Maybe a good Coach is just what Nebraska needs in these trying times.
Incidentally, another Nebraskan, Ted Kooser, just happens to be the current US Poet Laureate.
More election blogging:
  • ARTFS's Angela is going to vote for the Coach. She liked his platitudes solid thinking on the OPS issue. Angela has kids and strong, respectable opinions about their schooling.
  • Frankly Speaking has some insight into the 'too slick for Nebraska' pollsters Osborne hired. Their shady telemarketing tactics didn't go overwell, and annoyed some folks.
  • The Lincolnite reminds voters of other issues to be decided today. Like a pay raise for our worthless legislators.
  • New Nebraska Network offers a tediously thorough waltz around the internal 'reality checksum error' in the Nebraska Democrat party. They are under the impression that Nebraskans give a hoot what Barack Obama thinks or says. Our favorite Democrat, Hosh is embarassed, as previously noted.
  • Recent posts like this one by Tom York at the Omaha Oracle deal with local Omaha ballot items, like Mike Fahey's 100 million dollar bond issue.
  • You can follow the polls at our most unbiased, public-minded blog, Nebraska Citizen.
  • And, mirabile dictu, Ryne McClaren, the Panhandle Pundit, makes a comeback to share his well-regarded opinions on the primaries. Ryne even makes some bold predictions about Pete Ricketts.
More: Max Power at The North Central States Observer thinks Ryne might be delusional.
Results: Omaha Channel 7, KETV. Get your sour grapes at the Omaha World Herald. (If they will deign to let you read their precious web site.) The best analysis of the Osborne-Heineman contest is by Don Walton at the Lincoln Journal Star.

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