May 25, 2006

Irresponsible or Dishonest Reporting - Racist Nebraska

New Classes at Segregated OPS Schools
You know how news stories get distorted. You have heard about 'bias' in the news.

Sometimes it is accidental, a result of the 'noise' inherent in any system of communication. Like the old parlor game folks played before radio or TV, in which a story is passed in whispers around a circle of players. By the time the story gets back to the first person, it is usually changed in humorous ways. Other times, the distortion is deliberate, agenda driven, and intended to deceive.

The following story, (reprinted in full from the Grenada City, Mississippi Sentinel-Star) purports to inform their readers of the Nebraska Unicameral's recent effort to force agreement in the mess resulting from the Omaha Public School takeover bid. Just a bit of noise? Or is this out and out propaganda?
For years we have been arguing that the 1964-65 Civil Rights Act should be amended to cover all 50 states, not just seven states and a few selected counties elsewhere.

In addition to the selectivity of the law making it unconstitutional on its face, the law is not fair.

Now we have undisputable proof that the law needs to be amended to cover all 50 states: earlier this year the Nebraska Legislature, one of the states immune from the civil rights law, passed its own law.

Nebraska has passed a law dividing the state's schools into three separate systems; one school system for whites, one school system for blacks, and one school system for Hispanics.

[My Emphasis]
I remember listening to my mother talk to a black lady in Montgomery Alabama when we lived there in the very early '50's. The South was overtly and egregiously segregated then, and Mom didn't like it one bit. She asked the lady why she didn't pack up and move 'up North'. She answered that she had heard that blacks "escaping" from the South would be greeted by lynch mobs or thrown in jail.

Now I can see why some of the Katrina refugees were leery of accepting the welcome extended by cities like Omaha. They read lies like this in their hometown papers. Doesn't this state have a PR person?
Addendum: Here is the "Johnson" civil Rights Act of 1964. Can you find where this law exempts Nebraska or any other state? it seems to be a big lie that is simply taken as fact by the folks in Grenada City.
Update: Here is another marginally less distorted version of the OPS situation from MSNBC. I smell the NAACP's crack disinformation team at work. Those cats have no scruples.

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