May 26, 2006

Nebraska Judge: Child Molester too short for prison

Update: Sentence Upheld - 7/18/07

Short Pederast Walks
I get all my Rachel Ray and child abuse news at Merri Musings. When I heard the outrageous story about Nebraska Judge Kristine Cecava giving probation instead of prison time to a convicted child molester because he was too short for prison at 5' 1", I knew where to go for the story. To get the proper sense of the case that has made Nebraska look stupid all over the world. You need to read Merri's coverage here ad her update here.

I'm confused. I met Judge Cecava many years ago when she was the Keith County Prosecutor in Ogallala. She seemed normal enough then. I know she sat on the panel that sentenced murderer Jorge Galindo to the electric chair. I wonder how tall you have to be to ride the lightning?

Charlie Manson is only 5' 2". Maybe its time to let him go; I'll bet life has been a living hell for the poor little cat.
Addendum: Here is another short Nebraska criminal. Not only did Edgar Vidal stab a 15 year old to death, but he might also be an illegal alien. I can't really tell, because reporter Lauren Maloney at KHAS TV in Hastings, Nebraska uses her best politically correct obfuscation, describing him as "not a U.S. citizen" who will "likely be deported by the INS".

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