July 18, 2007

Nebraska child molester still too short for prison

Too short to ride the Penitentiary
Last year, the Plains Feeder noted that Nebraska Judge Kristine Cecava had given probation instead of prison time to a convicted child molester because he was too short for prison. Richard Thompson, 52, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Sidney, Nebraska. He was later classified by the State Patrol as a Class III Sex Offender, the classification considered most likely to repeat their offense.

Judge Cecava feared he would be mistreated in the Penitentiary because he was so short. You can see from his mug shot that he is about 5' 1" with his neck craned.

Not many folks thought it was a suitable sentence; the thinking was this jerk ought to do some time. The State Attorney General, Jon Bruning, thought so, too. He appealed the sentence to the Nebraska Court of Appeals. They have decided; hat tip to the Mickeys for tipping me off.

The Court of Appeals has upheld the sentence, saying that Judge Cecava hadn't handed down a sentence that was clearly too lenient. It appears that the pre-sentence report, normally kept secret, was part of the reason our Supreme Court Lite agreed that the sentence was proper. I haven't seen it, so I don't know.

In the Lincoln JournalStar story linked above, Shorty's attorney, Clarence Mock, is quoted as saying, "Thompson is doing well" and that he hopes the "criticism of the judge who handed down Thompson's sentence will subside after this ruling." I would ask, who gives a damn how the little molester is doing? What about the victim? What about the public sense of outrage and desire for justice?

Just so the little pervert is "doing well", I guess everything is OK.

This is the same Clarence Mock that is changing the rules in rape cases to favor the accused. Whoever heard of a rape trial in which the victim couldn't testify that she had been raped? Ask Mr. Mock to explain it.
Stan Sipple at HuskerBlawgs has a link to the decision, and points out the disparity diversity of reasoning in recent sentencing decisions. Stan calls Thompson the runt rider.
Nebraska's own bleeding heart, Ed Howard, who poses as a news reporter on the lofty sounding "Statepaper.com" naturally asks us to look beyond our horrible prejudices against 50 year old men who rape 12 year old girls and have a little sympathy. We should all be as well informed and enlightened as Ed. Besides being a pinko liberal who sells his bias to the MSM, Ed is a jerk. I wouldn't say it if I didn't know it.

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