June 22, 2006

Damn the Defeatists - Americans want Victory in Iraq

I've used some old WWII posters to illustrate what many of our legislators cum defense experts ought to be talking about, instead of "Lets cut and run because it's Viet-Nam". Victory in Iraq. So, come on Senators and Congressfolks, raise your snouts up out of the slop bucket and get a clue:

And to a large extent, we are counting on you, our elected ones, to help us do it:

If we lose this war, the terrorists will kill us for infidels. Unless, of course, we throw a pinch of incense on the altar of Mohammed's evil Allah. And even then, our Mohammedan conquerors will make us burn down Las Vegas, put all our women into bags and start eating mutton. We want Victory, and we will have it. The defeatists heard today in the Senate will be remembered as fools at best. They deserve to be openly reviled for their defeatism.

Meanwhile, I'd like to see the word Victory returned to common public parlance. The Marxists running our public schools have done their best these last 40 years to discourage the very notion of competition. I guess competition reminds these leftist educators of dread capitalism. I don't care. This is a war, there will necessarily be winners and losers. I think most Americans grasp this reality, and will proudly choose Victory. I don't know about some of those creeps in Washington, D.C., maybe they really want us to get whipped by these demonic Mohammedans. I'll take Victory.

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