June 08, 2006

Iraq Death Toll Rises

Al-Zarqawi Dead in Iraq
"Death toll in Iraq rises as Al-Zarqawi is killed" No kidding. That was how an ABC radio news feed I heard this morning introduced the news that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi had been killed. Our troops deserve a big thank you for their great work in ferreting out and killing this dangerous monster. Instead, they get this all but seditious anti-American spin on an otherwise positive step in the war on the Islamic jihad.

It disgusts me to see how disappointed the MSM newstwisters are as they announce the successful killing of this Al-Qaeda cutthroat. He's dead but now he's a martyr. He's dead but now there will be repercussions. He's dead but Osama bin Laden is still alive. He's dead but there was collateral damage, innocent folks were hurt or traumatized. He's dead but we should question the timing. He's dead but but but...

You just can't please these anti-american defeatist terrorist sympathisers. They seem to have partaken of some mighty powerful Kool Aid, that even Michael Berg, below, feels sorry for Zarqawi and still blames President Bush for his son's nasty beheading.

Michael Berg with son Nick's head
Click to download a video clip of Nick's beheading in .wmv format.

Gag on this: The Washington Post publishes the murderous al-Zarqawi's Biography. It reads almost like a glowing obituary. They call the murdering criminal an "insurgent leader" and recap his "accomplishments" as if he were a famous entertainer or beloved statesman that died.

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