June 07, 2006

John Monetti Arrested in Nebraska - Update

Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

John Monetti
The Plains Feeder has logged a relatively large number of "john monetti" search engine hits since I posted NY Teacher/Pedophile busted in Nebraska last friday. I have a few links to add, but the old post is stale and frieghted with squabbling commenters, so here is the new stuff.

I never linked to the Omaha World Herald stories about this matter because they don't want folks reading their web site. They make you register, cobble up your 'web experience' with ads, and after 21 days they make you pay money to read the story their precious archive. But here is a non-OWH reprint of most of their coverage of John Monetti's arrest in Washington County.

The New York News12 website has a busy and interesting discussion forum on the Monetti arrest in their Long Island section. Read what the accused molester 's home folks are saying about his arrest .

Finally, here is a link to the official William Floyd School District statement. Evidently, John Monetti was employed there.

I still think there was something fishy going on in New York following Mr. Monetti's getting fired from his job as a principal. I'll keep trying to sniff it out.
Update I: Reporter Jim Brazda at the PT&E has a new story about Monetti, with more about the 'respectable' position he held back in New York.

Update II: Laura Weir writing for the Times of Smithtown wrote this piece to fill in the folks back in New York.

Update III: A reader from New York sent the old feeder an e-mail:
People here in NY are shocked, appalled and sickened. How could everyone not know?

He is also a volunteer Fireman and EMT in St. James fire dept. however the web site is currently blocked, and the coach of the NYU Equestrian Team.
The same reader also sent along a link to some disturbing equestrian photographs . If these are pictures of Mr. Monetti with young girls, it is no wonder the folks in New York are apalled.
Click for the most recent Plains Feeder post on this subject.
Update IV: NY tipster says the above-referenced photos do include Mr. Monetti. Example:

John Monetti and friends - (I fuzzed the girls' faces)
The feeder's New York correspondent also said that Monetti lived "with his parents in St. James, several blocks away from Harbor Country Day School a private elementary school, [he] is an alumnus and advisor of the Knox School and has several siblings, two of which are twins of college age. His father is a well known and respected Doctor. " He seemingly fits no profile, if there is such a thing, for sexual predators.
In other news, President Bush was in Omaha. He gave a speech in which he illustrated his plans for amnesty solving the illegal Mexican immigration problem. Comprehensive Immigration Reform, I think he called it.

President Bush in Omaha

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