June 03, 2006

Thank God for Osama bin Laden

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You don't see too many Americans willing to thank God for Osama bin Laden in public these days. The Reverend Mervin Stoddart, a freelance writer out of Altamonte Springs, Florida, did so today in his column for the Jamaica Observer. "Yes, thank God for Osama bin Laden", writes the confuso-christian nut.

I'll bet this Caribbean moonbat crap sells better in Jamaica than in Florida. Perhaps a 2001 letter to the editor Stoddart sent to the same newspaper could help explain the Jamaica connection as well as his crystalline reasoning.
In other matters: Way to go, Canada! Now lets see if you have the cojones to put these murderous Jihadi Mohammedans hors de combat for keeps. I'm betting you won't.

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