June 06, 2006

Six Six Naught Six - Six Six MCMXLIV

D-Day - Omaha Beach - Bob Capa photo
Couldn't have said it better, Vinnie. - The connection between our Omaha and Omaha Beach is only marginally less tenuous than the Omen movie hype connection between today's date and 666, the mark of the Beast. That never stopped me from having a special place in my otherwise black and scabrous heart for the cats that took that beach on this day in that war.
Addendum: While researching the New York background of Mr. John Henry Monetti, the pedophile who was making trips to Nebraska (and who knows where else) to have sex with a victim he found on the internet, I came across this bit of 666 reaction. The 6/6/06 warning was issued by the same school district where Monetti was supposedly a principal.

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