June 02, 2006

NY Teacher/Pedophile busted in Nebraska

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John Monetti - How Tall?
An observant citizen not afraid to get involved combined with good police work resulted in the arrest of a New York pervert that came to Nebraska to have sex with an underage girl. John Monetti met the girl, who is reportedly autistic, on the internet, flew to the area, picked up his victim in a rented van and assaulted her in a motel room. The Washington County Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise has the story, as does KETV. But none of the local media have reported how tall Mr. Monetti happens to be, which might be critical to the ultimate outcome of the case against him.
Monetti must have figured that NBC's Dateline wouldn't be catching predators in Blair, Nebraska this week.
Update: Mr. Monetti's Memorial Day weekend outing was likely, "the third time this year" he has traveled "from his home in St. James, N.Y. to Washington County to pursue a relationship with a 15-year-old girl he met online." Read more new details in this nice article by Jim Brazda in the Washington County Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise.
Update: This wretched molester has published the following anecdote from his years working with kids:
As the principal of an elementary school on Long Island, I was waiting for buses to arrive out in front of our school. One of our 1st grade students who was walking to school came up to me and said, "Down the street there's a sign that says 'NO DUMPING' and there's this man who lets his dog go to the bathroom there every morning!"
I found it at the National association of Elementary School Principals web site. Stories in the news have him as a former teacher, substitute teacher or principal, all great jobs for a pedophile. Seems nobody wants to claim this scum. I smell past allegations or incidents of impropriety covered up by career changes, like the Catholic Church did with some pedophilic priests.

I notice that it didn't take long for the hoity toity Knox School in St. James, N.Y. to pull Mr. Monetti's name from their website, where he was listed as a Trustee. Here is Google's cache of the old page with molester's name, and here's the new one without it.
I can't believe this cat has apologists. One of them left this comment: "Monetti is, in all other respects, a great person." Maybe, but...
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