June 07, 2006

"Treat Me like a Negro" says rehabbed Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Patrick (I need a refill) Kennedy
This little twit never ceases to amaze. He is just like his Dad, Teddy Kennedy, the hero of Chappaquiddick. Patrick seems to be given to the same excesses that marginalized his father: he is a sot. His arrest for crashing his car while allegedly drunk last month raised questions about young Patrick's kid glove treatment by Capitol Police. Now, the Representative from Rhode Island, fresh out of drug and alcohol rehab, wants to rehab his political image. So what does he say?

He wants to be treated like a Negro, instead of the privileged white patrician he really is. I'm guessing he means he wants to be treated like Cynthia Mckinney and William Jefferson. Fill that man's glass!
More: David Codrea at the War on Guns is more explicit about the Congressman's wish to be treated like a black man:
I say give him what he's asked for. Take him out to Anacostia at 3 in the morning and treat him like he's black.

Just make sure to bring a throw-down piece and claim he went for his waistband...
Those Kennedy boys, always good for a laugh!

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