July 24, 2006

Hate Couture at the Feedlot

Hateful Hairdressing School Dummy - Reel to Reel
Perhaps you have seen the feedlot hairdressing school head in previous posts. It is my habit to adorn Ms. Rubberhead according to whim. The Keffiyeh Craze that has struck the now openly anti-semitic left inspired me to dig out my old Palestinian-style headgear for the dummy. (Oddly enough, I have a kaffiyeh and Mohammedan prayer bead collection.) Now she looks like she's hep to the jive, no? All decked out for the demo, she's ready for the rally. She likes to ride in the car.
The way the picture came out, you cant see the rope-like "fan belt" that Mohammedans use to hold the dish towels on their heads. I have a theory that the headgear makes the man, but the Political Correctness Cops probably wouldn't like it. Perhaps I'll propound the 'wear a cowboy hat long enough and...' theory in a later feedlot fashion post.

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