July 19, 2006

Hose down the hogs, It is hot!

Don't forget to pack a lunch for them.
The thermometer here at the feedlot reads 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The barn swallows sit on the wire and hang their wings open to catch a breeze. If I was a dog, I'd get under the porch.

Seriously, the heat is hard on animals. Swine don't have sweat glands, so they need to help to cool off. Followers of modern agricultural methods frown on the old hog waller approach to warm weather swine care. With the exception of a few hippy types, most hog producers today use a water mist cooling system. If you only keep a few hogs for the larder, you can just hose 'em down. The pigs like it.

You could just take them to the beach with you. You will have the happiest hogs in the county. So happy that yuppies and non-PETA cognoscenti will pay extra to eat them.

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