July 19, 2006

Is Ray Nagin in Lebanon?

The Blame Bush for Everything crowd is now saying that the Bush administration has bungled the evacuation of US citizens from the war zone in Lebanon. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his radio show today, someone must have passed out a talking points paper telling the Bush Bashers to compare the evacuation to the hyped up horrors of hurricane Katrina.

These hateful cats who would harm America to regain political power must have noted the dip in Bush's poll numbers following the big Gulf Coast disaster. I'm surprised they aren't comparing it to Viet-Nam. At least Viet-Nam was a war.

I wonder where these goofballs get the notion that Americans who get caught in foreign wars or terrorist actions, far-away natural disasters, or get jammed up in other countries by incomprehensible laws or official corruption have a free ticket home coming to them from Uncle Sugar? The US government's consular presence abroad isn't American Express.

The old feeder has been jammed up as a civilian overseas in all of the above mentioned scenarios, once I even went to a US Embassy in the middle east to get help. I couldn't get past the Marines and all I wanted to do was use their Autovon phone to tell the folks at the office what I was up to. I had two US passports at the time. I knew I was going to have to get my own sorry butt out of Dodge. You travel in foreign countries at your own risk and at your own expense.
If this effort to connect Katrina to Lebanon grows legs, I wonder if we will see stories of poor, (probably black) US expats and 'tourists' in Lebanon being euthanized Katrina-style by George Bush's desperately unprepared functionaries.
Update: State 29 tells of an Iowa family who actually their vacation in Beirut, which came to a "shocking end" when the current war started. Read about it here; National lampoon's Beirut Vacation, with State 29's observation on the Des Moines Register's editorial position prohibiting mention of how gosh-awful stupid these tourists were to travel to lebanon in spite of ample warning.

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