July 05, 2006

Ken Lay not mourned in Omaha

Ken Lay
Ken Lay is dead, but few folks in Omaha will shed a tear. The man whose name has become permanently associated with the Enron 'bookkeeping problems', Ken Lay not only moved the company out of Omaha, costing us jobs, but his peculations cost Enron investors, many of them Omaha folks, scads of money.

Omaha is such a crappy place to live, Lay said, that there was no way he could attract the kind of employees he needed. Now it appears he meant he couldn't find enough crooked managers and 'look the other way' accountants here. Omaha folks will get over this insult, but those among us that lost their savings as a result of trusting Mr. Lay are still SOL.

Ken was recently convicted of serious criminal charges stemming from his Enron shenanigans. He was awaiting sentencing when he croaked. Now his guilt will go unpunished. I guess Ken Lay just couldn't pass up on one more chance to cheat the American public.

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