July 14, 2006

She caught the Katie

Katie's Black Eye
Katie Couric has to be my very least favorite person on TV. I'm glad she is moving to CBS News, because I don't ever watch CBS News. She could have taken her act to The View for all I care. The perky little skank is barnstorming the country holding focus groups to "introduce Katie Couric to the nation."

What makes these focus groups even worth mentioning is this little run in with a blogger in the Twin Cities. CBS TV station staffers at the event made the blogger, Matt Bartel, give up his pen or get out. Their effort to shine up Katie's phony Anchorwoman Persona instead gave it a shiner.

Cop a laugh at Michelle's take on the CBS effort to introduce Katie as if, "we haven't seen and heard enough of her over the last 20 years."
If Katie only would catch the Katy. Her going to CBS will just have to do.

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