July 13, 2006

John Monetti

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John Monetti
Some readers are wondering if Mr. John H. Monetti, the 37 year old Long Island, New York man who was arrested in Blair Nebraska, made a court appearance yesterday. It has been reported that Mr. Monetti was to appear on the 12th, but I'm guessing his attorney has the notion to delay the start of John's trial as long as he can. Perhaps he is working out a plea bargain, or just wants some time for things to cool off here.

Monetti's predicament has, for the most part, fallen below the radar of the news media. The Times of Smithtown has a new story by Laura Weir about John's making bail. The story includes more background and notes that Mr. Monetti has not been charged with anything in New York as yet. We don't know what was found on his home computer. Some reports say child pornography was found, but the Suffolk County Police detective on the case says what he saw wasn't exactly pornographic. Is that his call to make?

I'm not certain whether or not John Monetti has even left the state of Nebraska. It has been reported that he left Washington County. Blair, where John had been jailed, is the Washington County seat. He may not wish to return to New York, and may well be laying low. His lawyer, understandably, isn't talking.
Something that continues to bother me about this case, Mr. Monetti's own words of denial at the time of his arrest: "Well, I haven't really done anything wrong." That and the fact that many Plains Feeder readers seem to agree with him. Really.
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