July 14, 2006

Ben Nelson or Chuck Hagel: Which is the Republican?

Señator Chuck 'Amnesty Now' Hagel
In a frenzy of feel-good legislating last spring, the US Senate voted to build a measly 370 miles of new fence along the US - Mexico border. Now the Senate amnesty crowd have voted not to fund the fence, in the hope, I suppose, that the voters who were howling about the need for improved border controls would forget. Maybe they thought they could fly this chicanery behind the smokescreen of international squabbling over the Israelis pounding the be-mohammed out of their nasty neighbors. Not surprising from the wimps in the Senate.

Another not surprising aspect of this duplicitous vote was that Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel again took sides with the Democrats and the rest of the wetback amnesty wussies. Again, no surprise, our Senator Ben Nelson was one of only two Democrat Senators voting to give the American people what they so desperately want: secure borders. Check out how the Senate voted here.

Who is the real Republican in Nebraska's Senatorial duo? It ain't Chuck Hagel. Too bad there are otherwise politically astute cats who think we should dump Ben Nelson for a "real" Republican, Pete Ricketts. I say we shouldn't take a chance on getting stuck with another RINO like Hagel. Partisan numbers don't count in Congress, votes do. Ben Nelson has my support
Mas: A Senate vote in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Update: From Futurama at Blog-Sothoth,
Funny to hear Chuck Hagel on Larry King last night suggesting Jim Baker go to the Middle East to broker peace: does Hagel (whom occasionally I find agreeable) remember Baker saying "Fuck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway?"
What a statesman! If that's how Chuck would handle delicate diplomatic maneuvering if he were President, I'll take vanilla. Or Jeb Bush.

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