August 25, 2006

Bat season

A cat belonging to a woman in Spencer, Iowa, quite possibly saved her life when it caught a bat in the middle of the night. It killed the bat which was sent in for testing and found to have rabies. Being overdue for its rabies shot the cat had to give its own life in case it was infected by the bat.

I've had to chase down a bat in my house on a number of occasions. It's not easy to seal a house so it's batproof. Should you find one in your house it would be a good idea to catch it, kill it without damaging the head if that's possible, and have it tested for rabies.

Bats have super sharp little teeth and can bite you while you're sleeping without waking you. Unless you're positive you haven't been bitten it's a good idea to test your creepy little corpse for the rabies virus.

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