August 22, 2006

'Too Short for Jail' Child Rapist's Sentence Appealed

Update: Sentence Upheld - 7/18/07

Richard Thompson
Nebraska State Attorney General Jon Bruning has petitioned the Nebraska Court of Appeals to force a reconsideration of the sentence he received for raping a 12 year old girl. Cheyenne County Judge Kristine Cecava had not sentenced the 5' 1" child molester to prison because she felt he was too short for jail. Richard Thompson has been rated by the Nebraska State Patrol as a Class III sex offender, at the greatest risk for becoming a repeat offender.

"The punishment needs to fit the crime. Sexual assault of a child is a serious crime, and Mr. Thompson is a danger to Nebraskans. Probation isn't strong enough," Attorney General Bruning said in a press release. Judge Cecava was widely criticized for her uncharacteristically soft sentence for Thompson.

The old feeder has no sympathy for cats as think it is OK to have sex with 12 year kids. For all I care, the state could just as well make him sit in the electric chair; he is a 'busted clock' that likely can't ever be fixed.
Normally, I would find this development in the 'too short for jail' case at Nebraska's Merri Musings blog, but it seems that all the mu.nuvians blogs are unavailable today. Maybe another DDOS attack from Mohammedan geeks, or perhaps the terrorists of the Lincoln Cell of the Big Red Towelheads Brigade have taken them all hostage. I know they got Vinnie.
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