August 07, 2006

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel: US troops won't help in Iraq

Hagel: America Can't Do It
Senator Chuck Hagel, RINO Nebraska, continues his embarrassing (to Nebraskans) undermining of President Bush's wartime policies. Chuck, known to PF readers for back-biting the President with his ridiculous insistence that the War on Terror will just turn into another Viet-Nam now says "no good options exist for the U.S in Iraq and suggested enlisting former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush the elder to convene a regional peace conference". To quote Senator 'America is Washed Up' Hagel, "It is very wrong to put American troops in a hopeless, winless (sic) situation, just keep feeding them in to what's going on. That's irresponsible and that is wrong."

It is what you are doing Senator Hagel, saying that America is a second-rate country that can't live up to its international promises, that is irresponsible. America deserves better than your can't-do trash talk. You are starting to sound like another big loser.
Is that a Mohammedan Green tie you are wearing, Senator?

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