October 20, 2006

Insourcing to Kearney, Nebraska

Comfy Porch in Kearney
You don't hear about high-tech jobs being insourced from India to the US every day, but that is what is happening in Kearney, Nebraska. I saw this story in the Kearney Hub about how such an unusual economic development came to pass.
Atlanta-based Xpanxion will be up and running in two weeks at its new Kearney location at 516 W. 39th St., Suite B. The company plans to move testing operations and quality assurance programs from Pune, India, to central Nebraska.
Kearney, (rhymes with Barney) is a nice little town of about 30,000 souls, including Uncle Wiggily, along Interstate 80 which seems to be doing pretty well for itself. This in spite of what the liberal hand-wringers would have us believe is a failing economy ruined by Bush tax cuts and another Viet-Nam in Iraq. (For example, here is how Reuters covered the Dow passing the record-breaking 12,000 mark the other day.) Not to mention the Willie Nelsons who wail about the demise of the family farm. If you read only the MSM, you would think rural America was finished; we might as well give the land back to the buffaloes.

In fact, Kearney is doing so well and feeling so dang civilized that the Busybody Planning Commission wants to ban the hick-like practice of furnishing the front porch with 'indoor' furniture. Well, what can you expect from cats only a couple generations out of the soddie.

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