October 19, 2006

Tyranny Without Borders

Banned By Allah-Tube
Poor Vinnie de Mille. His nifty videos posted at Vince aut Morire keep getting dumped off of You-Tube because he has the audacity and poor taste to produce videos critical of our sworn blood enemies among the Mohammedans. Michelle Malkin has the same trouble with her HotAir Rants. Now the European Union wants to implement an international internet video censorship plan called Television Without Frontiers. Talk about a euphemistic moniker. And Capt. Ed says Iran is limiting bandwidth in addition to their state censorship of the internets.

The totalitarian tyrants of the world can't bear the fact that the internets might allow the light of truth to shine upon their nefarious works. The tyrants' fellow travellers and useful idiots go along with their schemes to protect their fiefdoms for numerous reasons, most of which are green and have pictures of American Presidents on them. Google sells out to the ChiComs, censoring the web like good little leftist comrades all the while justifying their perfidy with their capitalist balance sheet.

Now that Google has bought out You Tube, I don't expect to see them change their ways, unless it be for the worse. You-Tube started dumping non-PC videos before Google bought them. I don't think they were just 'cleaning up their image' to command a better price, they were taking the censorship step before the consummation of the sale so that Google could avoid taking the blame for it. Google isn't so much biased against America as it is committed to One-World-ism. They serve tyrants because totalitarianism is the only way the One-Worlders can prevail.

Why don't the EuroWussies and Googlistas just call a spade a spade. Their internet censorship schemes serve only to support Tyranny Without Borders.
Re: the banner above. Arabic reads from right to left. Just trying to be a good Dhimmi here.

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