October 18, 2006

Nebraska Population Issues

Central Nebraska Baby Boom
As the US population passes the 300 million mark, the old feeder observes that Malthusian fears seem to have subsided from the 1960's and 70's, when everyone thought there would be standing room only by now. There are still some who fret that they will have to share the world's riches with huge crowds of unwashed, hungry rabble who will rise up and kill us if they don't starve to death first, leaving us feeling guilty.

Nebraska has been adding to the population bomb disproportionately, according to this article from Hastings, Nebraska's KHAS-TV web site. Iowans are to blame, as well. At least the Solons in Lincoln and Lancaster County here in Nebraska are taking steps to reverse this selfish tendency of ours to over-populate.
File this under: another reason to distrust Democracy.

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