October 06, 2006

Senator Chuck Hagel - friend of the enemy?

Hagel in Viet-Nam
The old feeder has maintained that Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel is afflicted with Viet-Nam War PTSD. His war experience left him so mentally scarred that he can no longer stand up to America's enemies. He believes that America can never again fight to preserve the American Way or the result will be "another Viet-Nam."

Now Senator Hagel is visiting Viet-Nam again. The horror! What is he doing there? Here is a story about Senator Hagel fielding questions from a commie economics and public policy class in country. Sample of Hagel's obsequiousness:
When asked by a Fulbright School student about why the United States often played big-country politics, Senator Hagel said that the US needs to look at the world through a new set of optics. This requires appreciating how other countries view the United States.
If that isn't enough to make you gag, Robert 'the leak' Novak, writing in the Islamist magazine Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, quotes Senator Chuck Hagel as evidence that not all Republicans believe in winning the war on terror. "The war against Hezbollah and Hamas will not be won on the battle field.” Gosh, Chuck! Do you suppose it could turn into another Viet-Nam?
Senator Hagel may still dream of running for President; almost no one shares his dream but our enemies.
Meanwhile, back at the turkey ranch.
Next stop for Senator Hagel: Ho Chi Minh City and Normalization.

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