November 21, 2006

Blog Break in Gretna

Downtown Gretna, Nebraska
I have a few blog posts that I wanted to publish but couldn't because I was away from my computer. In beautiful, prosperous Gretna, trying to coax an antique computer into doing what it needs to do to allow me to post from here. I thought it would be nice to be able to blog while I'm in town mooching BTUs. Besides trying to get this old Pentium III on line being a problem, I forgot to bring my secret cheat sheet of user names and passwords without which I am treated like a stranger by my ftp sites. Even blogger didn't want to trust me.
I wonder how Gretna's prosperity will be affected by the new "City Sales Tax" that was apparently approved by the voters by a 4 vote margin in the last election, (544-540). First, it should have been called a "Town Sales Tax" since Gretna hardly qualifies as a real city. Second, the new tax will probably provide the coup de grĂ¢ce to the outlet mall that has been dying at the edge of town for years.

When I first bought property in Gretna, the place was a village of about 1,500 genetic remnants of the original cats settled there by railroad social engineers. They were a pretty tight clique. Now their influence has been watered down by the recent influx of the goofy mortgaged rich from Omaha's urban sprawl 'n flight. Town Hall, however, remains in the hands of old blood; mostly Democrat union sympathizers left over from the railroad and Western Electric plant days. Folks that never met a tax or a land use rule or a zoning law they didn't like.

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