November 11, 2006

Gore Clinton Google Conspiracy

Persian New Year at Google
Sadly, the biggest search engine, Google is overtly biased. I notice it the most in their Google News. I guess the shareholders own it, so they are free to tweak it to suit the political orientation that they feel will favor their business. They will kow-tow to the tyrants of Communist China, allowing their officious government to censor the internets and snoop on their own netizens. Who knows what they do for other governments or political powers?

We do know that here in the US, Google is free to use their business to promote and support political parties that they feel will be most tolerant of their power. You would do the same if you owned a business as big and powerful as Google. Wouldn't you?

The excitable cats at WorldNetDaily see Google's shameless bias as part of some sort of evil plot to brainwash the world. To see concrete evidence of this, read this short analysis based upon Google's selective use of festive logos to commemorate special days: "Google no-show for Veterans Day". I wonder if Google had a corporate observance of Veterans Day, or otherwise took the opportunity to honor the vets in their own company.
I have to go check under my bed for communists!

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