November 12, 2006

Wah wah wah!

Poverty in North Platte?
This kind of story makes me choke: Living below poverty level, North Platte Telegraph. Most folks in North Platte have never seen real poverty. The "Bob and Mary" from the Telegraph story aren't poor, they just want to live better at their neighbor's expense.

I have known families who lived as squatters on property they didn't own in a home-made Turkish gecekondu with dirt floors who were more grateful to God than these wussies. Things are tough all over. There is no real poverty in Nebraska.

The poverty line is an oppressive illusion foisted off to convince us that government needs to do more. "Do more" invariably reads: redistribute wealth like the communists. Count me out. I live on less income and less extravagantly than 'Bob and Mary' in the story. I figure I'm all but rich by any measure that counts.
Someone tried to tell me that poverty was relative. It isn't. But thinking you are poor is all in your head. So don't be tricked into despair, hold your head up, count your blessings, and thank God you aren't really poor.
Here is your Sunday Sermon. Don't read before eating. Knighthood just ain't what it used to be. Blog quebecois has more for you hateful lemmings.

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