December 31, 2006

Grassroots Oppression

Kearney, Nebraska
More self-imposed oppression on the plains: Kearney, Nebraska will continue to ban concealed weapons, in spite of a new state law that takes effect next year. What can you expect from a town that wants to ban comfy porch furniture?
Kearney's ban covers guns, brass knuckles, knives and other weapons. The city is adding signs at the city's entrances to remind citizens and visitors of the ban.
I guess law-abiding gunslingers in Kearney have been carrying their shooting irons out in the open since concealed carry was banned in the 1920's. In olden days, it was considered polite for gentlemen and ladies of breeding to carry their weapons discreetly. There not having been anyone meeting that description in Kearney, it only makes sense that they would have passed a law against posing as anything but cowboys and cowgirls.
The graphic KETV chose to illustrate this non-story shows shotgun shells. I wonder if many skeet shooters are going to start carrying their weapons concealed after the first of the year?

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