January 08, 2007

Accused child molester John Monetti back in the news

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Monetti: looking for a new victim?
My contacts on Long island, where Mr. Monetti is living while out on a $2.5 million bail, sent me this story from the Times of Smithtown. I quote:
John Monetti, 38, a St. James resident set to stand trial in the coming days for the alleged repeated sexual assault of an autistic underage girl in Nebraska, has recently been attempting to judge horse shows on Long Island. This former firefighter and schoolteacher holds a license, not yet revoked, to judge these shows, where competitors include adolescent girls, and he nearly secured a seat as judge at an upcoming Island Series Horse Show in February.
Does it sound to you like Mr. Monetti is "trolling" for a new little love, or do you think he just needs the money? Here is the kind of place where he was trying to get a job: Smoke Run Farm, one of the kiddy equestrian camps where he used to judge horse shows. Looks like a candy store for a child molester, no?

Mr. Monetti's case has been bound over to the Nebraska District Court (Dist. 6) in Blair, and, so far, no trial date has been set. If you are worried that the accused will get off easy, you should contact our Nebraska State Attorney General's office in Lincoln. AG Jon Bruning has vowed to crack down on internet sex predators. I hope he is riding shotgun on the Washington County Attorney prosecuting the case for the state.

Not only is Mr. Monetti accused of locating his underage and autistic child rape victim on the internet, but he has held positions of trust as a school teacher, school administrator and riding coach. Evidently he still seeks such opportunities. A good reason that these stories shouldn't be swept under the rug just because they are unpleasant. I don't believe he thinks he has done anything wrong; like most sex perverts, whatever is wrong with him can't be fixed.
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