March 31, 2007

Google: Fred Thompson's Wife is not Debra LaFave

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Plains Feeder has been getting an increasing number of hits from cats doing Google searches for Fred Thompson and his lovely wife, Jeri Kehn Thompson. This is all well and good, but...

Today, the Google Image searches for "Jeri Kehn" have produced results linking to one of the old feeder's posts about Debra LaFave, the naughty schoolteacher. This seems odd, since PF has published a nice picture of Fred and Jeri.

Could some twisted liberal geek that works for Googliath have tweaked the algorithm for this particular search? Official Google policy to obfuscate searches for Fred Thompson? Daily Kos readers skewing the results deliberately? Michelle Malkin suspects Google has a bias and ain't afraid to apply it to their search engines. World Net Daily and others agree.
For some very nice pictures of Jeri with a smiling Fred Thompson, see this post by Riley at Virginia Virtucon, reporting that Robert Novak mentioned in his column that Jeri is supportive of a Thompson candidacy.
Any guesses when Fred will announce? The Chuck Hagel announcement pool was a bust.

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