March 28, 2007

Stick a fork in Senator Hagel: he's done!

Officially Cooked
I have always been against Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel's efforts to gain the 2008 Republican nomination for President. Today, the Street Sweeper at Leavenworth Street blog has made the old feeder's day by officially declaring that "Chuck Hagel’s GOP Presidential ambitions are D-U-N."

I agree with the Sweeper 100% that the major factor that ruins Hagel as a viable candidate is the indelible mark of the Viet-Nam war he bears. I also believe that Senator Hagel is sincere, that his heart is in the right place. But, as the Sweeper puts it:
Hagel is deeply, deeply scared by Vietnam, both literally and figuratively. Those scars have shaped his view on Iraq.Those scars have shaped his view on Iraq. Couple that with his Christmas-time receipt of letters from his father to his uncle in WWII where his dad told his uncle, “if I thought I would ever have a son who would have to go through this, I would never get married.” You can bet that closed the door on Hagel ever being open to the continuation of soldiers dying in Iraq, even if it were for a good cause.
I can't remember how many good friends were marked for life by that war. What was wrong with Viet-Nam is a whole 'nother topic, but the harm of it is yet to be fully realized. You can't be angry forever, but you can be sad for a long time.
Fellow Nebraska blogger, Uncle Wiggily at the Heartland Notebook has published even more scathing remarks about our Chuckus treasonatus:
Hagel is quite simply a shallow, egomaniacal political opportunist who years ago spent the last of his thirty pieces of silver and is now frantically and irrationally casting about for entry into a race he has already lost and is too self-absorbed to recognize that fact.
Do you think he might be having a nervous breakdown or something as UW reports Brit Hume and others are beginning to suspect? Maybe it is a delayed case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

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