May 02, 2007

Carey Dean Moore: Its time to give something back

Carey Dean Moore
Death Watch Delayed
Update: 2/9/08 - Neb. court unplugs old sparky
The Nebraska Supreme Court has stayed the Tuesday, May 8th execution of death-row inmate Carey Dean Moore. It looks like Ernie Chambers has thrown his personal agenda (aka: an adjustable-end wrench) into the efforts of Nebraskans to run their own government through the democratic process. The Nebraska Supreme Court bends to a letter from Ernie, the little king. Read the lame-assed opinion ORDER here. The Supremes should have read this post; it would have put their bleeding little activist hearts at ease.

Carey Dean Moore
He's another one of those killers that is known by three names. Carey Dean Moore. He was convicted of murdering taxicab drivers to steal their cash box. He called for a taxi several times before he got ones that looked like they would be easy to kill. He did this twice in August of 1979 before he was caught and confessed. He got the death penalty and has finally expended all his appeals. Carey Dean Moore has a date on May 8th to sit in Nebraska's Old Sparky and be electrocuted.

Nobody of any consequence in bringing about Mr. Moore's execution seem the least bit inclined to stop the process. Not Governor Heineman. Not the Attorney General. Not even the condemned man, Mr. Moore. The usual gang of bleeding hearts, racists and, in spite of Joe Stalin's love of death, local commies will raise a fuss. Most Nebraskans are tired of fattening up Mr. Moore.

A great effort was made to drum up support for either abolishing the death penalty in Nebraska, or to at least delay further executions while we debate the fine points of whether electrocution hurts more than suffocation or poisoning. It doesn't appear that any of this finagling is going to prolong Mr. Moore's wretched existence.

As for the debate over which method of execution causes less acute distress and discomfort for the condemned, I can't see how that makes very much difference. I can tell you from experience that being knocked unconscious by electricity going through your head doesn't hurt at all. I once walked barefoot in the fresh turned earth and hit my forehead on a downed power line. Zap! I think I saw my feet fly up, but thats it; no pain. I woke up a few minutes later.

Don't worry, Carey, you won't feel a thing. Be thankful that we are the only state exclusively using this lightning fast and utterly painless method of imposing the death penalty. No way you can make the wrong choice and live to regret it here in Nebraska. With lethal injection, you might live long enough for you to feel the poison burning your arteries after you have been paralyzed. You sure don't want to see how long you can hold your breath in any Hitlerian gas chamber, nor die with a mouthful of blood in front of a firing squad bent on 'blood atonement'.

After so many years of enjoying the Nebraska Good Life here in our delightful prisons, Mr. Moore has decided that it is about time he gave something back.
Updated: Now they are saying Moore's heart will continue to beat after the big jolt of electricity scrambles his brain. So what? As I said, he won't be feeling anything by then. The only way to stop the heart instantly with electricity would be to cook Mr. Moore well-done with the first jolt. A cooked heart won't beat. The problem with this approach is that the prisoner's body would be seriously disfigured, and the smell would be unpleasant.

If sudden brain death AND simultaneous heart stoppage were all that mattered, why not just put the condemned into a cement bunker with enough explosives to blow him or her to smithereens? No pain, no lingering indicia of life, easy hose-down clean-up, no funeral, no costly grave, no wonder this was one of Idi Amin's favorite execution methods.
More: People You'll See in Hell notes that the "prison is planning a midmorning execution and a light brunch afterwards."

---¤--- ---¤--- May 2 - May 8 ---¤--- ---¤--
Carey Dean Moore Electrocution Watch
This post is being booted to the top of the page for the rest of this week. Since it was first posted April 28th, not one reader has left a comment. The old feeder knows from the stats that a raft of netizens from Europe, mostly the historically humanitarian Germans, have been actively Googling Mr. Moore's upcoming date with death. But no comments. I think nobody really cares what happens to Carey.
This morning on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, I heard someone I thought was Scott Voorhees say something about electrocution Nebraska-style that surprised me. Scott is a local radio cat with an official work blog here and a MySpace plot here. He said he was concerned that Mr. Moore's head might burn a bit, maybe even catch fire. It wouldn't fit in with our "Good Life" theme, he opined. Whose good life is this cat that sounds like Scott talking about? Heaven forbid the Huns should thinks our mode of execution is unseemly, Scott.

[Scott just e-mailed to say it wasn't him, but perhaps Jim Rose, as he was in the shower at the time. "We sound similar, so I understand the confusion -- happens all the time."] I like Scott, even if he does sound like Jim Rose.

Perhaps you could look at killing murderers as another way we can keep the "Good Life" going here in Nebraska. Like we spray weeds.


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