May 01, 2007

May Day: Forget about the Haymarket

May Pole Dance - Medieval-style Merriment
Scantily clad ladies frolic around a Maypole, drinking and feasting to follow. I would like to see this pagan tradition brought back. What was wrong with the May Fair that couldn't be fixed by adding a little Jesus? Instead, May Day has come to be a day to 'celebrate' struggle. I hate struggling. It makes me tired just to watch it done.

Early May Day Struggle March
Marxist thought effectively ruined May Day in the US following the Haymarket riot in Chicago. Down went the Maypoles. No Bacchanalian frivolity is allowed under the dour Marxists strugglers. Reminds me of the Puritans chopping down American colonist Thomas Morton's pagan Maypole. No fun. Only struggle.

May Day for today's Communist Strugglers
May Day hasn't gotten any better since the Haymarket. Now it is all about struggle. This wailing cat probably manned the Peace Table at some College Student Union in the 60's. No fun here.

May Day for today's Struggling Illegal Mexicans
This kind of May Day doings not only isn't any fun, but it makes my blood boil. Now that the Mexican illegals here in the States and their compadres in Mexico have been bought and paid for by the communists, the workers all wear sombreros. And all they want to do today is struggle. I'm staying home.

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