April 05, 2007

Chuck Hagel supporters losing steam

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel miffed the media by hyping a non-announcement announcement regarding his presidential ambitions, and then further angered his constituents by voting with the defeatists on the war in Viet-Nam Iraq. He has even spoken the I word, as in Impeach Bush. Since then, I have noticed that many of the web sites set up to promote his bid for the 2008 Republican nomination are losing steam.

The only place he gets gets kissed on the lips by the media now is Al-Jazeera, which Dr. Shackleford at the Jawa Report reads so I don't have to. Even a job at a goofy liberal college out East, like our former Nebraska Senator gone bad, Bob Kerrey, has taken, won't be far enough away to suit. Did I mention that Bob Kerrey is so roundly despised that even leftists hate him? Chuck should look into the new condos going up in Dubai.

Here is a list of Chuck Hagel in '08 links. Watch them fizzle out.
Chuck Hagel 2008
Draft Hagel 08
Chuck Hagel Presidential Quest - taking the week off
Chuck Hagel for President in 2008
Florida for Chuck Hagel
Michigan for Hagel 2008
Students for Hagel - weakening
Hagel BB
Chuck Hagel Official Websites
http://www.hagel.com - ?
I see that some cats at Yahoo have made up their minds even if Senator Hagel can't.
Resolved Question: Who supports Chuck Hagel for President in 2008?
Best Answer - Chosen By Voters
Even the most vitriolic of anti-Hagel for President blogs I could find, besides the Plains Feeder, hasn't felt the need to work very hard at doing "everything in my power to defeat Hagel."

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