April 20, 2007

Just the price of Freedom?

Lorie Byrd writing at TownHall suggests today that the civil depredations wrought by Cho-like crazies, unrepairable child molesters and street schizos are simply the price we must pay for freedom. I wonder if Lorie would agree that more aborted babies should be part of the bill? Why shouldn't we be 'free' to drive as fast as we want? Wouldn't the increase in the already ±30.000/year number of dead on the roads just be added to our freedom tab?

Civilized society is no more than a balancing act? Aren't some things just plain wrong no matter whether they are relatively 'costly' or not?
Fix: I need to clear this up right now. Lorie Byrd, whose work I read and admire regularly is not in favor of abortion on demand or throwing out speed limits. In my effort to point out the dangers of applying the old saw about the "Price of Freedom" too freely, I failed to make clear that my questions to Lorie were rhetorical. I wish I could write as well as Byrd. Please accept my apology, Lorie.

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