May 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Marxist Plan for America

Out with Individualism!
The Marxists have crawled out from under our beds while we weren't looking and are making a bid to take over the United States. That bid's name is Hillary Clinton. She now openly advocates Marxist thought in her Presidential campaign. I hate communists. Here is one of the reasons:

I always thought that one of the main things that made America a great nation was the sense of rugged individualism held by its people. You can call it the pioneer spirit and claim its time passed with the frontier days, but I don't think so. You can read the works of Ayn Rand for a vision of a more mature individualism. Most cats that call themselves conservatives believe individualism is an inherent part of human nature. Karl Marx said it wasn't.

Marx and his followers dream of the New Marxist Man. And in the "share the wealth" fantasy world of his followers, there is no room at the table for them as won't accept becoming such a "New Man". If they can't 'educate' the folks by controlling public schools, they will try to grow new Marxists. Think of Nicolae Ceau┼čescu's hideous baby factories. None of these methods have succeeded in creating the selfless, ant-like worker the Marxist idealizes. And it isn't in the cards for Hillary, either.

All Socialist movements, be they of the National Socialist bent or the International Socialist persuasion, have ended up resolving this conundrum by suppressing or eliminating the ones that refuse to accept becoming a Marxist New Man. The extremes come to mind first, the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and other butchers are easy to spot. But there are more insidious ways to crib the success of unworkable communal economies. The Gulags become hospitals, killing fields give way to re-education centers. Look for a President Hillary to hospitalize refuseniks for shock or drug therapy. Perhaps she will imprison for re-education those who won't give their wealth to the state.

At least it is out in the open now. Comrade Hillary is a Marxist.
Her campaign message might as well be: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
Addendum: Hillary and Karl Marx, by Henry Lamb
Hillary's rhetoric and voting record reveal a philosophy that penalizes success by taxing the rich and rewards failure by expanding the work government does for other Americans. Hillary's description of the government she prefers is one that takes "from each according to his ability," and redistributes "to each according to his need." In fact, she told a San Francisco audience: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."
If that ain't Marxist thought, I'll eat Hillary's shorts.
Practical advice: should Hillary's election seem imminent, invest in ethanol. Americans will be drinking it like the Soviets drank vodka. To numb the pain.

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